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Dear Future Film Festival

26 - 29 October 2023, Electric Palace Cinema

I'm very excited to see my table top museum of curious collections going on display again, this time as part of the Dear Future Film Festival - Lost + Found, as part of a progamme of screenings and events.

I have a fascination in searching for old, lost or abandoned objects. Through this I have developed an ever evolving collection of treasures, found through beachcombing in Hastings, Mudlarking on the Thames, digging in the woods and hunting in junk shops. With every new discovery I think about the story and history behind it.

Round pebbles, old brushes, rusty metal, bells, lenses, glass balls and more. This display is a small selection of my personal archaeology.

My work as jewellery maker finds me weaving into my work some of these found objects. Bracelets with old metal chain links along side polished silver, river stones mounted like diamonds and victorian pipe stems as pendants. Each piece is different and captures a tiny sliver of history or celebrates a moment of the natural world.

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